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Matt Cockayne : Artist - Illustrator

For a lad whose art teacher said he wasn’t good enough, Matt Cockayne isn’t doing too badly.


With a growing reputation for producing local inspired limited edition artwork with a nod to nostalgia, Matt takes inspiration from the local area, stories, photos and ingrains it in his work. His art features many of the cities iconic products and places.

Originally from Halfway, Mosborough, Matt completed a signwriting and graphics course at Castle College and then started to forge a career in design and print. Starting out at Beach Signs, down Attercliffe way, Matt moved on to various print works around the city before taking a leap of faith to go it alone. Best decision he ever made.

“I remember looking for some artwork to hang in my own house and I couldn’t find anything I liked. There was nowt that reflected me and my passions so I decided to create my own. That was that - my new future was born. ”

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