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The fox of the valley

Matt Cockayne Fox Fox Valley Foxes Sandersons Stocksbrigde

Special Screen Print

Hi, Over the past few months I have been developing a new range of artwork for a new department store on the Fox Valley Retail Park (Stocksbridge) named Sandersons.

The owner has personally picked the Goo brand to grace the walls of her new shop which opens in September. I have visited the site and it’s going to be an incredible shopping experience.

Obviously very excited and keen to get to work on some new designs I wanted to create something that represents the surrounding area of Fox Valley, so I created the “Fox of the valley” which is basically a fox overlooking the industrial core of Stocksbridge.

Not content on only producing a digital image of the artwork I wanted to have a bespoke screen print made, so I visited my former employer (Crown Products in Chesterfield) to ask my gaffa If he could help me and he was more than happy to produce me 99 limited edition 5 colour screen prints.

Crown helped me progress my career and gave me the opportunity others wouldn’t, so to have a piece of art printed by them for myself was awesome.

I hold Crown close to my heart for giving me a chance.

Please take a close look at the images to follow the stages of the printing process, it truly is a special piece.



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