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Matt Cockayne bangersandcash

In March 2017 I was thinking about devising a way of doing a public display of art that would not only involve myself but other artist and the city of Sheffield as a whole. Personally, I’m not a fan of self-absorbent art exhibitions and would much rather be involved with other artist and creative minds alike. I racked my brain for a couple of weeks and a few ideas sprung to mind but none that would raise much profile or cause a stir until I thought of ‘Bangers and Cash’ a public display of art painted on old cars that would not only display my own art but that of 39 other artist sponsored by local and national businesses and then taken on the road all the way to Monte Carlo through Europe over the famous Alps mountain passes such as The St Gothard’s Pass, chugging along in a car worth no more in value than £650.00 with the aim of reaching the end of the rally in one piece and raising lots of proceeds for charity on this epic journey through 7 countries.
Being a creative mind I have a lot of ideas and usually run them by my wife Lynsey who then in-turn says yea it sounds good but what if this and what if that and then it gets scrapped, but not this time. “Yes Matt brilliant I think you have something here” but you couldn’t organise such an event on your own your going to need help. So Richard Eyre at the Sheffield City Council who I know is as passionate about Sheff as I am and he also has the links and know how to get such an event up and running, on contact again another person that actually doesn’t think I’m a crazy artist and actually thinks this is a great idea and Richard agrees to help. At this stage we need an event’s manager and also a benefactor “Charity” so we have a meeting at the Light Cinema in town, Richard invited Rebecca Staden who had a lot of strings to pull organising The Herd of Sheffield which I was involved in myself with Hendophant, I instantly trusted Bex to direct Bangers and Cash and got her on board. We all have our own tasks for Bangers, myself and Lynsey the branding and look of the event plus the good bit the route, Rich the red tape and getting the council on-board which thankfully they are and were all very grateful for their support and backing, Bex basically all the stuff I wouldn’t ever be able to even think about “can of worms” literature, contacts, research and most importantly bringing in a charity which we all decided would be wonderful to approach The Roundabout youth homelessness charity who are this year celebrating their 40th Anniversary. We have another meeting and this time invite Clare Collingworth from the charity an she instantly loved the concept and took it back to the trustees and they said they would love to be involved and take on the event. So Bangers and Cash has gone from a wild pipe dream of my own to a reality in a small amount of time, We launch today at the Winter Gardens, potential sponsors, artists and the press will get to see the concept car reveal which I painted in October 2017 and the concept bonnet painted by local illustrator Lisa Maltby.
The best thing about Bangers and Cash for me is the whole aspect of it not just being an art exhibition for myself but for many other artist and illustrators that want to showcase what their art is all about and then literally take it around the continent on tour, the people off Sheffield get something to be excited about, school kids can take a trip to the Winter Gardens in August as all 40 Bonnets will be publicly displayed in there for the month before the rally takes place in September. It’s also a great opportunity for business owners to back a city-wide event as well as creating a great networking community. All the bonnets will be auctioned off in October and all the proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Roundabout charity. I’m absolutely buzzing for this event I hope you will be too, you can follow Bangers and Cash on Facebook, Instagram as well as Twitter and

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  • Kath Tindall . on

    Brilliant idea hope it goes well for you x

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