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A Brighter Side to Sheff

Matt Cockayne

Matt launches Steel works collection!

Hi around two years ago I created some hand drawn originals which featured Sheffield's Steel works and the surrounding terraced housing. 

The collection is called "A Brighter Side to Sheff" I have been sitting on them for quite a while and the proud owner of the originals recently invited me to her home so I could photograph them for reproduction. 

Personally this is my favourite collection of Goo art, My family are from Attercliffe originally and my grandparents worked in the industry and I have heard many stories about the times living amongst the factories. I love the colours and the inner works of the Steel Works, Joe Scarborough esc I know but we all have our own inspirations and he's been mine since I was a litter nipper.

The collection is going to be on exhibition at Sheffield Children's Hospital which features the art from the artist involved in last years Herd of Sheffield public art display, Most of you will be aware but for those who are not my ele was Hendophant and I believe she will soon be moving into her new home in the coming months... So keep an eye out.

The Brighter Side of Sheff collection is now available to buy online and includes a trio of cushions.

Hope you enjoy and be sure to see the herd exhibition there will be lots of interesting creations to view.

Enjoy a 10% discount code "0114" available on all products, great for fathers day. 



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